Volume: 10 2017

  • Title : Stuttering: A Quandary that can be Cured
    Author(s) : Sadia Hasan
    KeyWords : Stammering; Psycholinguistic Paradigm; Disorder; Speech Therapist; Communication.
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  • Title : Historiography of Indian Advertising
    Author(s) : Ab Danish Rahim
    KeyWords : Advertisement, Media, Social, Consumer, Brand
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  • Title : Indian Slogans: A A Semio-Communicative Analysis
    Author(s) : Syed Umar Qadri
    KeyWords : Slogan, Speech, Ideology, Culture, Candidate
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  • Title : Stylistic Analysis of the Poem 'The Patriot': A Semiolinguistic Approach
    Author(s) : Bablu Ray
    KeyWords : Stylistics Analysis, Semiolinguistic Approach, Nissim Ezekiel, The Patriot
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  • Title : Person-Number Agreement Markers in Hawa-Nokte
    Author(s) : Rebeka Borang and Wanglit Mongchan
    KeyWords : Morphosemantics, Agreement, Markers.
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  • Title : A Study of Pronominal Usage with Consanguineal Kins among Kashmiri Speakers
    Author(s) : Javaid Aziz Bhat
    KeyWords : Pronominal, Consanguineal Kin, Address Pronominal, Reference Pronominal
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  • Title : Poetry of Resistance: A Study with Reference to Faiz Ahmad Faiz
    Author(s) : Burhan Bashir
    KeyWords : Language, Poetry, Resistance, Literature, Poetics, Pragmatics
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  • Title : Exploring Noun Phrases in Dhimal
    Author(s) : Karnakhar Khatiwada
    KeyWords : Conjunctive Morpheme, Conversion, Nominalization, Complementation, Conjoined NPs
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  • Title : The Realization of Address Terms in Kashmiri
    Author(s) : Saima Jan
    KeyWords : Address Term, Kashmiri, Speaker, Recipient, Communication, Society, Interlocutors.
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  • Title : Economy in Linguistic Landscape: A Study of Public Signboards
    Author(s) : Mehvish Mohsin and Shabana Hameed
    KeyWords : Economy, Language, Linguistic Landscape, Form Content Linguistics.
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  • Title : Errors Made by Saudi Students in Speaking English : A Case Study of the English Article System
    Author(s) : Samah Abduljawad
    KeyWords : Errors; L1, L2, Articles, Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis (CAH), Error Analysis (EA), English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL), Language Learning and Teaching, Interlingual Errors, Intralingual Errors, Source Errors, Interference.
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  • Title : Need for Supplementing ELT Course Materials in Middle East
    Author(s) : Sheeba Hassan
    KeyWords : English Foreign Language (EFL), English Language Teaching (ELT), Inner Circle Countries, Middle East, Localiization, Arabic culture, Localized Supplements, Situation-based Activities.
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  • Title : Divergence Patterns in Kasmiri-English Machine Translation: Revisiting Dorr's Classification
    Author(s) : Sajad Hussain Wani
    KeyWords : Divergence Patterns, Machine Translation, Syntactic Divergence, Lexical Divergence, Inflections, Modals, Pronominals.
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  • Title : Progression of Acoustic Space in Early Years of Language Acquisition
    Author(s) : Garima Dalal
    KeyWords : Acoustic Space, Child Language Development, Vowels, Formants, Vowel Quadrilateral, Language Acquisition
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  • Title : Phonological Description of Bhaderwahi
    Author(s) : Aejaz Mohammed Sheikh and Zargar Adil Ahmad
    KeyWords : Vowel, Phoneme, Length, Minimal Pairs, Phonology, Consonant
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  • Title : Noun Phrase Structure in Tsum
    Author(s) : Dubi Nanda Dhakal
    KeyWords : Noun Phrase Head, Bound Morphemes, In(definiteness), Premodification, Postmodification
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  • Title : A Description of Phrase Structure in Gurezi Shina
    Author(s) : Musavir Ahmed
    KeyWords : Shina, Phrase Structure, Word Order, Agreement, Case
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  • Title : Process of Causativization and de-Causativization in Hindi
    Author(s) : Pradeep Kumar Das
    KeyWords : Causative Construction, Complex Issue, Causativization, Semantics, Morphological, Form, Function, Context, Process of Causativization in Hindi
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  • Title : Semantic Relations in UNL: A Study of Kashmiri Possessive Determiners
    Author(s) : Sumaira Nabi and Aadil Amin Kak
    KeyWords : Universal Networking Language, UNLisation, Interactive Analyser, semantic relation etc.
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  • Title : The Effect of Communicative Anxiety on Intended Meaning: A Study of Shaharyar's Barish
    Author(s) : A.R. Fatihi
    KeyWords : Speech Act, Sense of Futility, Generic Expectation, Isotopy, Politeness
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  • Title : Verbs of Aqua-Motion in Kashmiri
    Author(s) : O.N.Koul
    KeyWords : Lexical Meaning, Metaphorical Meaning, Verbs of Aqua-Motion, Swimming, Sailing, Floating, Submersion, Sinking
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  • Title : Panini's Conception of "Syntacttic Structures"
    Author(s) : E.V.N.Namboodiri
    KeyWords : Syntax, Grammar, Transformative Generative Grammar, Syntactic Structures
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